Scott Andrews Replay

March 11, 2021

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Let Our Hedge Fund Strategies Trade Your Account

  • Join former Wall Street CEO and veteran system trader, Scott Andrews, to learn if adding a fully automated program of S&P 500 strategies to your portfolio can help you achieve your goals in 2021.
  • Scott founded InvestiQuant in 2008 to provide professional and retail investors with the many compelling benefits of active, short term trading. In 2020, he began trading a portfolio of 9 of his best, fully automated, “S&P only” strategies and generated impressive, double-digit returns trading both long and short with no overnight exposure. For a limited time, InvestiQuant is offering the iQ S&P 500 autotrading program to the public.
  • InvestiQuant’s autotrading portfolio provides an efficient, cost-effective way for you to put iQ’s alternative investment strategies to work in your account with a qualified professional overseeing the entire process.