Mad Hedge Traders & Investors Summit

Webinar Replay for March 14-16, 2022 Summit

March 14, 2022


The One Strategy I use Everyday

Matt Hensley at 9:00 AM

Tip of the Iceberg Order: Navigating Stock Moves Using Order-Flow

Fausto Pugliese at 10:00 AM

Finding Option Trades for the Current Macro Environment

Jermal Chandler at 11:00 AM

Marina Villatoro

Marina Villatoro at 12:00 PM

Trading in the New World Order!

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

Capturing Consistent Profits in the First Hour with Zero-Day Options

Doc Severson at 2:00 PM

Trade on The Side Of Institutional Money

Melissa Armo at 3:00 PM

Generate a 6-7 Figure Income

Anka Metcalf at 4:00 PM

March 15, 2022


Bitcoin: Playing the Next Bull Market

John Thomas at 9:00 AM

REVISED: 2022 Stock Market Outlook

Steve Reitmeister at 10:00 AM

Selling Cash-Secured Puts: 4 Practical Applications

Alan Ellman at 11:00 AM

3 Signs of Trend Exhaustion

Toni Hansen at 12:00PM

1-hour demo of the tastyworks platform focusing on Cryptocurrency.

Tom Sosnoff at 1:00 PM

Trading in Bull & Bear Markets with SunnyBands

Sunny J. Harris at 2:00 PM

How to Trade Stress Free, Make More & Worry Less

David Koper at 3:00 PM

Completely Automated VWAP Algo Trading

Jim Simmons at 4:00 PM

March 16, 2022


The Coming Revolution for Biotech and Health Care Stocks

John Thomas at 9:00 AM

How to Create a Rules Based Profit Plan

Steven Caweizell at 10:00 AM

Confident Trading with Steve Nison Candle Patterns

Brian Houston at 11:00 AM

Reveal The Most Unique Options Strategies And Algo-Driven Solution

Erik Gebhard at 12:00 PM

Playing the Big Recovery in Technology

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

Diagonal Spreads: Entry and Trade Management

Nick Battista at 2:00 PM