Melissa Armo Replay

March 14, 2023

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Trade on the side of Institutional Money

  • Learn how to trade on the side of institutional money. Learn how to read the power in a chart and the overall trend. Becoming a successful trader and investor requires becoming a specialist in defining where the institutional buying or selling is occurring in a chart. Learning technical analysis on an advanced level and gaining this understanding is required to read charts in this fashion.
  • Comprehending how to read, define and trade with this power will have a huge positive monetary impact on your trading. Elevate yourself, your trading, and your profits to higher level of consistency and success by learning how to read the footprints of institutions trading in the market. This is the cornerstone of how one individual can become successful in the market and make a lot of money in a big way.
  • Follow the footprints of institutional money that is in stocks in the market to take positions in the right direction before the momentum occurs. Understand how to trade with the side of power. This power has the ability to pay you! The market has the ability to pay you! Learn how the market can pay you in this informative lecture. Know what institutional money looks like, and see it! Play it to win and win big! You can win big trading on this side of the power. It’s the only way to trade!!