Mad Hedge Traders & Investors Summit

Webinar Replay for June 14-16, 2022 Summit

June 14, 2022


The Power of the Measured Move

James Bart at 9:00 AM

Mastering Market Tops & Bottoms

Simon Klein at 10:00 AM

Capturing Consistent Profits in the First Hour with Zero-Day Options

Doc Severson at 11:00 AM

How to Dogfight Volatility for MAX Profit

Matt Buckley at 12:00 PM

Catching the Next Market Bottom

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

Finding the Right Strategy for you

Jeffrey Gibby at 2:00 PM

How to Trade As A Hedge Fund Trader on Futures, Stocks, Crypto, Forex

Alla Peters at 3:00 PM

Evolution of a Master Trader

Adrienne Toghraie at 4:00 PM

June 15, 2022


Day trading: simple strategies for Dow & Oil

Mike Hamilton at 9:00 AM

How To Trade Like A Hedge Fund Using Trendlines & Trend Following

Daniel Sugar at 10:00 AM

4 Ways to Hedge Your Portfolio Against Market Drops

Dr. Jim Schultz at 11:00 AM

Covered Call Writing Dividend Stocks to Create a 3-Income Strategy

Alan Ellman at 12:00PM

Tech Will Live Again

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

Risk Management Is A SuperPower

Samantha LeDuc at 2:00 PM

How I Went From Blown Account To Trading For A Living

Matt Hensley at 3:00 PM

Avoiding Traps

Toni Hansen at 4:00 PM

June 16, 2022


Timing Your Trades With Real-Time Order Flow Using Just A Few Key EMAs And Multiple Time-Frames

Craig Hill at 9:00 AM

Most Unique Automated OPTIONS Solution

Erik Gebhard at 10:00 AM

Trading Strategies Using the MT4Professional Scanner

Randy Lindsay at 11:00 AM

1-hour demo of the tastyworks platform focusing on Cryptocurrency

Tom Sosnoff at 12:00 PM

Five Biotech Stocks to Buy at the Bottom

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

The Tech Trader

Harry Boxer at 2:00 PM

Become A Profitable Trader - Get Back to the Basics of Day Trading

Marina Villatoro at 3:00 PM

How to short for fast profits this summer

Melissa Armo at 4:00 PM