Matt Hensley Replay

December 7, 2022

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How To Trade Pivot Points In Index Futures

Everyday the markets trade around major pivot points. Areas such as daily or hourly chart support/resistance, large institutional purchases, VWAP, etc, are approached and broken or confirmed dozens of times each trading day. So how do you know which direction to trade these points? Or If you should even trade them at all? Join Matt Hensley, founder of Tiresias Trading, as he goes over what he looks at before he decides to enter a trade in major index futures. In addition, Matt will break down one of his favorite trading setups, give you all the entry and exit rules, and what times of day it works best. 

In this event, Matt will teach you:

  • His favorite day trading setup with entry and exit rules
  • The market internals and indicators he uses to judge short term market direction
  • How he decides whether to take any given trade long, short, or not at all
  • 3 tips for futures traders trading small accounts