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Trader Education and Product Development

Craig Hill

With over 15 years of trading experience under his belt, Craig Hill brings to Ninjacators his dedication and passion for trading and teaching. He has trained and mentored thousands of students in Futures, FOREX, and Stocks and Options. He uses his trading experience and understanding of technical analysis to teach students how to trade successfully by teaching them how to “read and understand the story of the chart!”

Coming from a background working as a flight dispatcher for United Airlines, Craig is also an airplane enthusiast and licensed pilot – which definitely lends itself to chart reading, informed decision making, and a cool head when things get tense.

His goal is to teach students how to develop the skill to successfully trade the markets. He gets the biggest reward from imparting knowledge to others – providing the tactics and training necessary to eliminate confusion and achieve success in the markets. Craig believes that a good understanding of price action and knowing how to “read and understand the story of the chart” leads to consistent profitability.

“A chart tells a story… and we, as traders, need to read it, understand it, and listen to it. We never tell a chart what to do, it tells us what to do!”