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Geoff Bysshe

Geoff Bysshe is the President and co-founder of MarketGauge.com

Geoff began trading in 1990 on the floor of the NY commodities exchange

While on the floor traded as an independent floor trader of currencies, commodities and stock index futures.

In 1994 Geoff moved off the floor to manage quantitative equity based strategies at Millennium Partners, a multi-billion dollar fund in NY.

While at Millennium Partners, Geoff co-founded MarketGauge to provide trading analytics to professional traders and individual active investors

Since its inception in 1997 MarketGauge has provided market analysis to firms such as Reuters, Fidelity National Brokerage, Bank of America, Townsend Analytics, Barron’s and more.

Additionally, MarketGauge has helped thousands of individual traders improve their trading.”