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John Thomas Replay

March 9, 2021

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Dow 40,000 Here We Come!

  • 2021 Could be the best year of the decade for stocks, with Dow 40,000 within reach, up 35%
  • A Perfect Storm of positive economic conditions will trigger a massive increase in company earnings multiples and prices
  • 2020 was only a short-term dip in a 20-year bull market that may have another decade to run
  • Most pandemic business activity wasn’t lost, but deferred, leading to an explosion in spending in 2021 and 2020
  • Many domestic recovery stocks have barely moved in a decade and now have explosive upside potential
  • ”Reopening” stocks like (DIS), (BA), airlines (DAL), hotels WYNN), movie theaters (AMC), and cruise lines (RCL) have already had huge moves but still have much to run
  • 2021 will be a year to be fully invested and 100% “RISK ON”