Mad Hedge Traders & Investors Summit

Webinar Replay for March 14-16, 2023 Summit

March 14, 2023


Decoding Nasdaq Market Maker Movements: A Free Webinar with Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese at 9:00 AM

Major Market Opportunity is Here! How to Profit from Trend Reversals with a Proven

Dr. Jim Schultz at 10:00 AM

Trade on the side of Institutional Money

Melissa Armo at 11:00 AM

Do you have problems identifying the trend and where the market is going? Are you looking for a simple and reliable trading system? Discover the MetaStock “RMO” trading method.

Jeffrey Gibby at 12:00 PM

Catching the Next Big Plays

John Thomas at 01:00 PM

Capturing Consistent Weekly Profits with Weekly Options

Doc Severson at 02:00 AM

This commodity supercycle. day trading oil and investing: what you should be holding onto for great gains in 2023 to 2025.

Mike Hamilton at 3:00 PM

How To Target Profits in a Hostile Market

Matt Buckley at 04:00 AM

March 15, 2023


The Secret to Beating the Market Using Relative Strength

Jeff Tompkins at 9:00 AM

Selling Put Options Like A Pro - Name Your Price For Stocks...And Get Paid To Do It!

Lee Lowell at 10:00 AM

Portfolio Overwriting: Covered Call Writing Our Buy-And-Hold Stocks

Alan Ellman at 11:00 AM

REVISED: 2023 Stock Market Outlook

Steve Reitmeister at 12:00 PM

Positioning for the Next Bull Market in Technology

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

Selling premium using synthetic naked options with Tony Battista of tastytrade

Tony Battista at 2:00 PM

Long/Short Quant Trading in Futures

Morad Askar at 3:00 PM

March 16, 2023


How to Sell Options on Big Gainer Stocks

Serge Berger at 9:00 AM

How to Piggy Back Explosive Smart Money Moves by Following the Insiders

John Seville at 10:00 AM

Join trading legend and serial entrepreneur Tom Sosnoff for a 1-hour demo of the tastytrade platform

Tom Sosnoff at 11:00 AM

You Can Trade Professional Options Strategies With 1-Touch

Erik Gebhard at 12:00 PM

Why it’s Time to Buy the Dip on Biotech & Health Care

John Thomas at 1:00 PM

PRICE ACTION IS KING: How I Cracked the Code to More Profits with a Simple 3-Step Strategy

Silas Peters at 2:00 PM

A Global Long Short Macro View

Jacqueline Munro at 3:00 PM

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