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Our December 2023 Summit has ended.

We want to thank all our speakers and attendees for making it a great success.

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John Thomas, aka the Mad Hedge Fund Trader, has spent the last 50 years looking for the best traders and investors around the world. Now John has assembled the cream of the crop to share their wealth of knowledge with you. These are individuals who can make money in any market conditions, including a global Covid-19 pandemic. Listen to these speakers and they will enhance your earning power mightily.

Lead the Vanguard

Mad Hedge Fund Traders and Investors Summit Speakers will teach you the most insightful trading strategies that will make money in all market conditions. Never lose sleep again worrying about the safety of your retirement portfolio. Best of all, attendance is FREE

Comprehensive Asset Classes

All asset classes will be covered looking for the best longs and shorts around the world, including stocks, bonds, options, foreign currencies, precious metals, commodities, energy, and bitcoin. Compress decades of experience into mere hours of learning.

Learn a New Trading Discipline

Buy low, sell High. Everyone talks about it, but few individuals are actually able to pull it off. It takes decades of experience to profit in volatile conditions of today. Take our speakers’ hundreds of years of experience and add it to your own.

Win $66,000 in Prizes

As each speaker presents, we will be holding a lottery among registered participants that will give away free trading and investment services for FREE. You could be the lucky winner of a $10,000 a year trade one on one mentoring service!

The Host

John Thomas
The Mad Hedge Fund Trader

The Mad Hedge Fund Traders and Investors Summit features top notch industry insiders who have spent their entire lives working in the financial industry. Be Gifted a Hyper-targeted snapshot on how markets will trade during the rest of 2023 and how to cherry pick the best remaining trades. Sector selection will be everything. Thrive in the new post-pandemic financial markets. Invest a few hours of your time and it should multiply your performance for the rest of the year, if not your life.

Our Speakers

Mike Hamilton

Steve Reitmeister

Alan Ellman

Toni Hansen

Jeff Tompkins

Anka Metcalf

Marina Villatoro

Maggie Roth

Daniel Sugar

Dr. Jim Schultz

Tom Sosnoff

Jacqueline Munro

A.J. Brown

Melissa Armo

Jeffrey Gibby

Dan Passarelli

Kenny Glick

John Thomas

Peter Shultz


Day 1: December 5, 2023

9:00 AM : Mike Hamilton

How to Day Trade oil and why its so brilliant to trade

Oil has a unique characteristic that no other futures market has.
Switch on to this and set the charts up correctly and its a never ending buffet.

I will show you the basics and then if you’re interested you can join my short programme and then come into my trading room (4 days a week).

I will talk about

  • exactly why oi is so brilliant to trade
  • how to line your ‘investor’ chart up
  • how to plan your trade for the week
  • what you will get from short training programme
  • what we do in the trading room

10:00 AM : Steve Reitmeister

2024 Stock Market Outlook

11:00 AM : Alan Ellman

Using Both Covered Call Writing and Put-Selling to Generate Monthly Cash Flow

Selling stock options is a proven way to lower our cost-basis and beat the market on a consistent basis. Two such low-risk strategies are covered call writing and selling cash-secured puts. This presentation will detail how to incorporate both strategies into one multi-tiered option-selling strategy where we either generate cash-flow or buy a stock at a discount. I refer to this as the Put-Call-Put (PCP) Strategy, also referred to as the wheel strategy.

The basics and pros and cons are discussed as well as a real-life example and introduction into the BCI Trade Management Calculator (TMC). This seminar is appropriate for those who look to generate modest, but consistent, returns which will enable us to beat the market on a consistent basis while focusing in on capital preservation.

12:00 PM : Jacqueline Munro

Enhancing Your Mad Hedge Experience

  • Join the global community of Mad Hedge traders & investors
  • Gain the extra depth and support for the Mad Hedge experience
  • Get extra depth and insight from a decade long follower of Mad Hedge Fund Trader
  • Learn from the person who turned $5,000 to $2 million in two years
  • Get the 50,000 foot view from a four decade market veteran

01:00 PM : John Thomas

Introducing Mad Hedge AI

  • The future is here!
  • A proven artificial intelligence driven trade alert service with an outstanding decade long track record
  • Suddenly, doubling your performance has become easy
  • Uses a Double Filter AI approach in both indexes and single stocks
  • Includes backup fundamental research on every alert so you can understand what you own
  • AI will lead all trading for the next decade
  • AI is no panacea and it’s important to understand what it CAN’T do.
  • It’s all a new way to trade that will bring you an early retirement!

02:00 PM : Jeff Tompkins

The Intelligent Indicator that Can Predict Markets up to 3 Days in Advance

Discover a unique indicator that can accurately forecast when to buy and when to sell. Join Jeff Tompkins, award-winning Hedge Fund manager and trading educator, as he reveals a unique method that can improve your trading confidence and consistency. The system he has dubbed “The Slingshot” can be applied to any asset on any timeframe. By the end of this special event you will be armed with the tools and knowledge to spot market trends up to three days in advance of an anticipated move.

03:00 PM : Anka Metcalf

Generate A Seven-Figure Income Trading The Power Hour

04:00 PM : Marina Villatoro

4 Steps to Simplify Your Day Trading and Understanding the Power of the BREAK OUT TRADE

  • Understanding Market Movement
  • Using Indicators for best entries and profit targets
  • How to Identify and Profit from BREAK OUT trades (and other set ups)

Day 2: December 6, 2023

9:00 AM : Maggie Roth

Stop Leaving Money On The Table: 97% of Investors Fail To Do This

Curious about the options trading strategy that allows traders with less than $5,000 in their account to be profitable even during volatile markets? It’s the power of forex and binary trading. All you need is one security and one timeframe to change your life. We’ll show you exactly how you can add this trading strategy to your arsenal so you never have to deal with overnight vulnerabilities during volatile markets again!

10:00 AM : Daniel Sugar

“Trend Following & Trendlines:”

How to Identify The MACRO TREND & Trade/Invest with it.

11:00 AM : Dr. Jim Schultz

Calculating the Probability of Losses on Naked Positions

Option traders are always focused on the probabilities in the market, and most of the time, the probabilities of profit/loss are clearly known on trade entry. But with an undefined-risk position and no known loss limit, can you still calculate these same probabilities?

12:00 PM : Tom Sosnoff

01:00 PM : Jacqueline Munro

Why Tech Stocks Will Lead for the Rest of 2023

  • Technology stocks have led the new bull market and will continue to do so
  • Tech stocks will see the early exponential growth in AI profits
  • Big tech has been the front runner but the AI trend is now broadening out into smaller companies
  • That makes tech the next “growth” and momentum play
  • The Internet has to grow fivefold to accommodates the AI demands hitting it now
  • The best tech entry point in a decade is at hand
  • To cash in you MUST know which names to shoot for

02:00 PM : A.J. Brown

Mastering Options: A Proven Roadmap to Identifying Lucrative Trades

  • What Options Details to Look up and What to Disregard
  • When Options Are Too Good to Be True
  • Where to Go to Quickly Find the Most Lucrative Options
  • How to Compare and Contrast Options to Grab the Biggest Gains
  • How Many Option Contracts to Trade to Guarantee Every Penny

03:00 PM : Melissa Armo

Profit By Shorting With Institutional Money

Day 3: December 7, 2023

9:00 AM : Jeffrey Gibby

Three Steps to a Successful Trade

Do you have problems identifying what the trend is and where the market is going? Are you looking for a simple and reliable trading system? Discover MetaStock’s “RMO” trading method.

This trend-based system is famous for giving traders clean and clear signals for stocks, futures, forex or indexes.

This 60-minute web-based seminar will demonstrate a simple three-step process utilizing the RMO. You will learn how to:

  • Identify the Primary, Intermediate, and Short-term trends
  • Scan for trade opportunities
  • Identify specific entry and exit signals
  • Set up specific stops to protect your account from losses and protect your profits

Join us, and add a game-changing skill-set to your trading tools!

10:00 AM : Dan Passareli

Stop Leaving Money On The Table: 97% of Investors Fail To Do This

11:00 AM : Kenny Glick

How VWAP will change the way you See the market.

VWAP is the Matrix. Take the pill.

12:00 PM : Toni Hansen

How to trade Naked

01:00 PM : John Thomas

The Spectacular Opportunities Offered by 2024

  • The banking crisis is behind us
  • Easing credit will turbocharge any recovery
  • Look for aggressive Fed interest rate CUTS in 2024
  • Big tech has led the new bull market and will continue to do so
  • The markets are ripe for a rotation out of cash into Industrials, Commodities, and Energy
  • Bonds will be another big play in 2024
  • Gold, Silver, and commodities are about to enter a secular bull market
  • Look for S&P 500 at $5,700 by end 2024, or up another 20%

02:00 PM :Peter Shultz

7 Winning Secrets to Creating Fat Weekly Paychecks

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