The Mad Hedge Fund Traders and Investors Summit

September 14-16, 2021



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8:45 AM : John Thomas

Summit Welcome and Opening Comments

9:00 AM : Serge Berger

MARKET ALERT: How I'm Profiting from the Imminent Market Volatility

  • Why the Market is on High Alert for a Near Term Correction
  • The Strategy You Need to Overcome Any Market Condition
  • How 1 Hour per Week Can Lead to Profits That Set You Ahead
  • Take Advantage of Options Sellers Over Options Buyers
  • The Key to Monthly Trading Income in the Options Market
  • What's Current from Bonds to Stocks Right Now

10:00 AM : Chris Vermeulen

How To Consistently Make Money Swing Trading ETFs Even If You are Busy or New to Trading

11:00 AM : Steve Reitmeister

2022 Stock Market Outlook

Revised stock market outlook & trading plan for the year ahead which includes:

  • Bull Case
  • Bear Case
  • 2022 Year End S&P 500 Target
  • Trading Strategy to Outperform
  • Top 12 Stocks for Today’s Market

12:00 PM : Scott Andrews

Protect Your Portfolio with Automated Hedge Fund Strategies

"Tech stocks lost 80% of their value when the "dot com" bubble burst and the S&P 500 lost more than 50% during the great recession of 2008. At some point in the future, equities will enter a bear market. Are you prepared?

Join former NASDAQ company CEO and veteran systematic trader, Scott Andrews, to learn how adding a fully automated program of S&P 500 strategies to your portfolio could help you achieve your financial goals and better protect your wealth from the inevitable.

About InvestiQuant

Mr. Andrews founded InvestiQuant in 2008 to provide professional and retail investors with the many compelling benefits of active, short-term trading. In 2020, he began trading a portfolio of his best, fully automated, “S&P only” strategies and generated impressive, double-digit returns trading both long and short with no overnight exposure. For a limited time, InvestiQuant is offering the iQ S&P 500 autotrading program to the public. If you have a minimum of $30,000 that you would like to put to work, be sure to join Scott for this eye-opening session."

1:00 PM : John Thomas

How to Cash in on Stocks in 2022

  • It’s all about the barbell strategy. Always own stocks that are making money
  • Which sectors you should be piling into to deliver the keys to your early retirement
  • Buy before the $20 trillion hits the market
  • Why the melt up could continue for two more years
  • The Goldilocks economy is here to stay….with no inflation
  • Listen to the guy who just made 120% in the past 12 months

2:00 PM : Doc Severson

Zero Day Expiration Strategies - Seven Steps for Success

  • Learn an active income strategy with a repeatable, built-in edge.
  • We can trade this strategy 3x/week and we're usually done within an hour
    No special indicators required!
  • Our win rate is 98% on this strategy this year and our profits are 9x our losses!
  • Learn a simple, repeatable strategy from a 16 year market pro

3:00 PM : Hima Reddy

Not Your Mama's Momentum: How to Profit In Any Market on Any Time Frame

  • How to CATCH market turns and RIDE the price waves up and down – in only MINUTES a DAY.
  • How to get a Top Analyst to analyze your pet markets FOR YOU
  • How to PICK the Best Trade, when to ENTER and when to EXIT for more consistent profits!

4:00 PM : Daniel Sugar

Using Trend & Trend Lines To Trade Like A Hedge Fund

  • How To Identify The TREND & Draw Trend Lines Like The PRO's.
  • The TRENDLINE is perhaps the simplest and most valuable tool available to the chartist.
  • The violation of a TRENDLINE is often the best warning of a change in trend.

5:00 PM : Tom Sosnoff

Join trading legend and serial entrepreneur Tom Sosnoff for a 1-hour demo of the tastyworks platform

8:45 AM : John Thomas

Summit Welcome and Opening Comments

9:00 AM : Steven Cawiezell

How to Create Weekly Income (Less than 20 Minutes Per week)

  • This once per week, powerful strategy continues to produce solid income week after week and year after year. We are buying high quality stocks at great prices as they reach a powerful turning point. This easy to implement strategy only takes 20 minutes per week and continues to outperform all major market indices.

10:00 AM : Silas Peters

How I'm Profiting Off the Waves of the Market

You'll Learn:

  • Profit From Key Market Changes
  • Trade Both Sides of the Markets
  • Protect Yourself - Identify Weak Trends Putting You at Risk
  • Trade Less, Increase Trading Success

11:00 AM : Alan Ellman

Covered Call Writing Blue-Chip Stocks to Create a Free Portfolio of Large Tech Companies

Covered call writing is a strategy that can be crafted to achieve a multitude of objectives. This seminar will present a strategy where retail investors can create a FREE portfolio of large-cap technology stocks by selling options on blue-chip companies.

This presentation will include:

  • The basics of stock options
  • Covered call writing explained
  • Selecting the best blue-chip stocks
  • Using ETFs to develop a portfolio of large-cap tech companies
  • Free access to the Ellman Calculator"

12:00 PM : Mark Helweg

The Explosive Traffic Pattern for Trading Options

  • The 3 Secret Market Conditions that Predict Big Moves.
  • How my New Strategy Makes Trading These Conditions Simple.
  • How Using Calls and Puts Can Make Even Bigger Profits.
  • And Much, Much More...

1:00 PM : John Thomas

Why Tech will be the Safe Stocks of 2022

  • Tech is the new place to hide from market volatility
  • Expect tech to close out 2021 at new all-time highs
  • Big tech stocks are now the cheapest in a year
  • Ballistic earnings growth will continue unabated
  • Digitization of the economy was hugely accelerated by the pandemic
    and the new growth is here to stay
  • Tech is now a single name picking game, not an index play

2:00 PM : Jim Simmons

Eliminate all guesswork and improve your winning percentage

In this event, we will show you…

  • The difference between swing trading and day trading.
  • Where, when and how to place real, winning trades with no guesswork.
  • How to scale a small account and improve your winning percentage.
  • How to greatly reduce screen time in trading so you can live your life.

3:00 PM : Micah Lamar

The Million Dollar Strategy

  • Our simple buy and sell rules designed to catch the very best swing trading opportunities.
  • My favorite option strategy to use including strike price & expiration.
  • A simple 2-step method to gauging momentum on a day by day basis.
  • And much much more...

4:00 PM : Matt Buckley

Trading the Death Star: The ONLY Stock You Must Own

  • You’ll learn why Whiz calls this stock the ‘Death Star’ and why this stock is taking over everything it touches.
  • 'Whiz' was one of the ONLY financial experts to predict AMZN hitting 3,000 before the end of the year.
  • AMZN blew through 3,000 months ago and there is MORE upside to come!

5:00 PM : Market Q&A with Marc Chandler & John Thomas

8:45 AM : John Thomas

Summit Welcome and Opening Comments

9:00 AM : Neil Szczepanski

How To Become An Option Strategy Master - Identify and Trade the Best Strategies

  • Learn the #1 thing every options trader must know before placing a trade
  • How to correctly identify the current implied volatility
  • Know the best options strategy to use for the current market conditions

Options trading is one of the best ways to control risk while pulling money out of the market. It can also be one of the fastest ways to lose money. Neil will teach you the #1 most important skill and tool needed to consistently make money from options while controlling potential losses. His free bonus at the end of the presentation is a must-have if you trade options.

10:00 AM : John Thomas

Using the Mad Hedge Bitcoin Letter as Your Guide to Crypto Fortunes

  • How to get into Bitcoin before the train leaves the station
  • Why the fundamentals of crypto are good and getting better
  • Upside potential for Bitcoin is 25X to 50X
  • Maximizing returns in a volatile world
  • Eliminating risk with your crypto investments
  • The best introductory primer to crypto you can find anywhere
  • Getting involved in Web 3.0

11:00 AM : Jermal Chandler

Using Options to Trade Volatility However You Want

  • Charts that matter right now.
  • Using options to exploit current market or macro relationships.
  • When to buy volatility, when to sell volatility, and when to have no position.

12:00 PM : Erik Gebhard

The Most Unique Options Strategy You've Never Seen

An elite group of underground traders use this proprietary automated options strategy and technology for income generation. Stop screen-watching and baby-sitting your trades. You will discover:

  • Our unique indicator/technology automatic profit/risk management
  • 5 reasons to trade one market that’s 2.5X BIGGER than all ETFs!
  • Amazing 1-touch Trade Alerts you won’t find elsewhere

1:00 PM : John Thomas

Post Pandemic Biotech Stocks to Buy Now

  • There are only two sectors you need to know for the rest of this decade: big tech and biotech
  • The pandemic has caused trillions of dollars to pour into the biotech and health care sectors
  • Profits at biotech companies are exploding
  • Biotech will become one of the seminal investment themes of the coming decade
  • Not only Covid-19, but all major human diseases will be cured in the next ten years
  • Share prices are still at the ground floor, the cheapest sector in the entire market, with exponential gains ahead

2:00 PM : Jeff Tompkins

How to Fix Losing Options Trades

Discover how you can make a few simple tweaks to your options strategies to fix losing trades, and often turn them into winners!

3:00 PM : Dr. Jim Schultz

Using Ratio Spreads to Boost Returns and Protect Capital

  • Ratio Spreads are one of the most flexible options strategies that exist
  • They can be used to improve portfolio returns, decrease portfolio risk, or even at times, both simultaneously

4:00 PM : John Seville

Pinpoint EXPLOSIVE Market moves Following the SMART Money

  • Technical analysis hacks that will make the charts sing
  • Cut through the chaos with my most powerful method to capture huge moves
  • Make money in your sleep with our unique Set & Forget strategy (with zero emotion!)
  • BONUS: Receive the Smart Money Indicator that helped us predict 2008, 2018, and 2020 crashes weeks ahead of the S+P FREE just for registering!
John Thomas, aka the Mad Hedge Fund Trader, has spent the last 50 years looking for the best traders and investors around the world. Now John has assembled the cream of the crop to share their wealth of knowledge with you. These are individuals who can make money in any market conditions, including a global Covid-19 pandemic. Listen to these speakers and they will enhance your earning power mightily.

Lead the Vanguard

Mad Hedge Fund Traders and Investors Summit Speakers will teach you the most insightful trading strategies that will make money in all market conditions. Never lose sleep again worrying about the safety of your retirement portfolio. Best of all, attendance is FREE

Comprehensive Asset Classes

All asset classes will be covered looking for the best longs and shorts around the world, including stocks, bonds, options, foreign currencies, precious metals, commodities, energy, and bitcoin. Compress decades of experience into mere hours of learning.

Learn a New Trading Discipline

Buy low, sell High. Everyone talks about it, but few individuals are actually able to pull it off. It takes decades of experience to profit in volatile conditions of today. Take our speakers’ hundreds of years of experience and add it to your own.

Win $100,000 in Prizes

As each speaker presents, we will be holding a lottery among registered participants that will give away free trading and investment services for FREE. You could be the lucky winner of a $10,000 a year trade one on one mentoring service!

The Host

John Thomas
The Mad Hedge Fund Trader

The Mad Hedge Fund Traders and Investors Summit features top notch industry insiders who have spent their entire lives working in the financial industry. Be Gifted a Hyper-targeted snapshot on how markets will trade during the rest of 2020 and how to cherry pick the best remaining trades. Sector selection will be everything. Thrive in the new post-pandemic financial markets. Invest a few hours of your time and it should multiply your performance for the rest of the year, if not your life.

View our speakers current and past below

Serge Berger

The Steady Trader

Chris Vermeulen

Technical Traders Ltd.

Steve Reitmeister


Scott Andrews


Hima Reddy

Daniel Sugar

Tom Sosnoff


Steven Cawiezell

The Trader's Plan

Silas Peters

Seasonal Swing Trader

Alan Ellman

The Blue Collar Investor Corp.

Mark Helweg

3X Options

Jim Simmons

NeuroStreet Trading Academy

Marc Chandler

Bannockburn Global Forex

Matt Buckley

Top Gun Options

Neil Szczepanski

Technical Traders Ltd.

Jermal Chandler

On-Air Personality/Co-host at tastytrade

Erik Gebhard


Jeff Tompkins

Altos Trading, LLC

Dr. Jim Schultz

Host of From Theory to Practice on tastytrade

John Seville

Acorn Wealth

Doc Severson

Ready Set Trade

Micah Lamar

Wallstreet IO

Fausto Pugliese

Fausto Pugliese

Cyber Trading University

Dan Passarelli

Market Taking Mentoring
Andrew Pancholi

Andrew Pancholi

Market Timing Report

Casey Stubbs

Online Marketing Services

Thomas Barmann

Nobel Living, LLC

Samantha LaDuc


Jake Bernstein

Network Press Inc

Geoff Bysshe

Charles Hughes

Charles Hughes

Hughes' Optioneering

Anka Metcalf

Trade Out Loud
Hilary Kramer

Hilary Kramer

Eagle Financial Publication

Harry S. Dent, Jr.

Author, Zero Hour and Editor of HS Dent Forecast

Lawrence McMillan

McMillan Analysis Corp.

Mike Rykse

Bubba Horwitz

Bubba Horwitz

Bubba Trading & TradeWins Publishing

Marina Villatoro

The Trader Chick
Danielle Shay

Danielle Shay

Simpler Trading

Adam Mesh

Adam Mesh

Adam Mesh Trading

Alla Peters

Fibonacci Trading Institute
Sean Allison

Sean Allison

Andrew Keene


Mike Hamilton

Trade The Easy Way

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen

Mental Strategies For Traders

Sean Kozak

NeuroStreet Trading Academy
Mandi Rafsendjani

Mandi Rafsendjani

Trading Psychology

Jim Woods

Bullseye Stocktrader
Hubert Senters

Hubert Senters

Trade Thirsty

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci

SkyBridge Capital

Michael Valtos

Christian Tharp

Christian Tharp

Adam Mesh Trading

Norman Hallett

The Disciplined Trader

Simon Klein


Jody Samuels

FX Trader's EDGE